Jodi Fleisher SAG, AFTRA, AEA/MC, AGVA
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photo of Jodi



Jodi's newest animation demo! [MP3, 2 MB]


Clips 1, 2 and 3 are from the Atlus video game "Rhapsody Musical Adventure." The full-length soundtrack comes with the purchase of the video game. I recorded this over a year ago and sang for five different characters.

Clip 1 (legit ballad) [MP3, 264 KB] [Real Audio]
Clip 2 (character upbeat) [MP3, 434 KB] [Real Audio]
Clip 3 (belt ballad) [MP3, 230 KB] [Real Audio]

Clip 4 is one of my favorite Cole Porter Standards I recorded specially for my demo.

Clip 5 is from the original Rock Opera "Orpheus, A Season in Hell," which I originated my role in the LA Premier, which won a Garland Award. The Full length CD is also available.

I have been training and performing as a singer for over 15 years now. My specialty is Musical Theatre (see resume for roles played). I am a mezzo with a wide range, a strong chest and belt voice and a variety of character sounds. I also have done numerous reviews and performances in many styles including: Irving Berlin, Tom Lehrer, Stephen Sondheim, Andrew Sisters Trio, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Country, Animation, Children's, Comedy, Character, Classical, Marilyn Monroe, 1890's, Ragtime, Roaring 20's, WWII, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's.

  Sample 1 (Alluring) [MP3, 197 KB]
  Sample 2 (Vibrant) [MP3, 206 KB]
  Sample 3 (Child) [MP3, 205 KB]
  Sample 4 (Adult) [MP3, 206 KB]
  Sample 5 (Passionate) [MP3, 193 KB]
  Sample 6 (Convincing) [MP3, 267 KB]